All in – Zucchini Mixed Salad

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 8, 2016
Kitchen sink meals can be the best – those dishes you pull together with leftovers. The ones where you don’t have enough of any one thing to make a meal of it, but a collection of other things that sometimes when put together end up deeply revealing.  I began with leftover grilled zucchini. I chopped […]

How to Poach Chicken Breasts

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 14, 2015
Or how to make the juiciest chicken breasts ever, all thanks to osmosis and gentle temperatures. Poaching is the art and science of cooking foods in a light liquid on low heat.Poached chicken breasts, often considered diet food takes on moistness and niceness untold from gentle cooking in a light broth, which itself becomes great […]

Re-imagining Nigerian Cuisine: Tapioca & Coconut Soup

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 6, 2015
With my huge batch of cooked cassava chips, I wondered what else I could do. I considered making Aipim, a traditional Brazilian cake – dense, moist and apparently delicious. We, afterall share histories of food and more with them.  However, I wasn’t sure my cassava was of the right texture, as it was in chunky […]

Dambun Kazaa & Plantain Salad

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 21, 2014
This is a simple salad with a bit of sweet and spice. Follow the ‘guidelines’ in ‘The Art of The Savoury Salad‘, I went about building.

Take Two: Catfish Ginger Curry from Songhai Farms

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 5, 2014
I post this, long overdue……from Sunderland, in the northeast of England where I’m putting my feet up, enjoying single-digit temperatures and reveling in the stunning views of the North sea. —–00000—– To say I brought back evidence of my trip to Songhai Farms would be right. Evidence in photos, and in food. I brought back […]

Greens: Sauteed Nigerian Greens

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 6, 2013
Green. That’s what we call it. ‘Buy me Green’, I say. Being Nigerian, she understands. No need to explain to my ‘home assistant’ what I need her to get. I like ‘green’, for its neither too tough nor too soft. It cooks in minutes and retains some character, not turning to slimy mush like waterleaf […]

Toasted Oats with Fruit & Spice

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 29, 2013
We made the transition as a family in the winter of two thousand and twelve. Shortly before our New Year’s Day brunch. It was my idea. My vision, and I wasn’t quite sure how they would take it but I was intent on trying anyway. See my children grew up eating a lot of soft, […]

Week 2: What we ate

by Kitchen Butterflyon July 5, 2010
My guide to messy eating The first time I wrote this piece, years ago it was a guide on how to eat huge profiteroles without covering your face in cream.This weekend, past, it translated into ‘How to eat a hamburger with all the trimmings….and no burger buns’. Don’t get me wrong, I love bread but […]

Butternut Squash Revealed

by Kitchen Butterflyon June 24, 2010
I am busty Very busty, it makes me look fat Don’t blame me Blame my Grandmother On my Dad’s side She gave me Her Breast DNA