Gbena yei – Kpokpogari with Fresh Fish Pepper Soup

by Kitchen Butterflyon June 9, 2015
All I can think of in this weather is my bed. Sleeping in it. Morning, noon and night. Waking up to cuddles and soup. Forget pots of tea and freshly-baked cookies. Love and soup are errthang. Err single thang. Sigh. There’s something about rainy season that brings out the romantic in me. But I’m going […]

How to Make Fish Pepper Soup

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 27, 2015
Winter and spring flee cooler climes, bringing warmth in their stead and we, here in Nigeria embrace the cool wetness of our rainy season. We celebrate corn, ube and days tucked in bed. We welcome steaming bowls of pepper soup, of fish, chicken and the like. Fish pepper soup, for life on the coast. Fresh […]

Sunday Lunch – Scent Leaf Soup

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 24, 2015
One of the things I love the most about scent leaves is the fragrance and aroma when bruised – fresh, clean and citrusy.  I’m from Edo state where Egusi is king. I’ve heard that there’s a soup, black soup is its name but I’ve never had it babe. One weekday I came home from work. […]

Lunchtime Capers: Eastern Nigeria Ofe Nsala, ‘White Soup’

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 3, 2015
Lunchtime Capers is a series chronicling my hour-long lunch break and the places I venture to – a store, markets, a roadside restaurant. Home. —–00000—– This lunchtime caper is from months ago, when my friend, Osemhen and I visited a market close to our office. She wanted to learn to make a soup I had heard […]

Tuwon Shinkafa with Pepper Soup

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 15, 2015
I grew up eating yam and pepper soup, or plantain and pepper soup. That was and is one of my mom’s favourite meals ever. Well, that and my peanut butter chicken sauce with Chinese fried rice or noodles. Then in 2001, I went to Youth Service camp in Bayelsa. One afternoon, my friend took me […]

Sunday Best: Amala & Edikan-Ikong Soup

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 15, 2015
The first time I fainted, I was thirteen and I passed out halfway between the kitchen and living room of 4 Ihuo Street, Port Harcourt. It was a Sunday and Daddy had just come back from Igarra. The second time I fainted, I was thirty-seven and at a dental surgery in Port Harcourt. Back to […]

Seafood Okro

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 25, 2015
‘Mehn, soup get level’…and this is up there with the best. A pot, choc-full of the freshest seafood – crabs, lobster and fish. I like to cook it in a shallow pan so the fish doesn’t ‘scatter’ :). I start off with making a quick stock – a combination of fried lobster shells in palm oil […]

Re-imagining Nigerian Cuisine: Tapioca & Coconut Soup

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 6, 2015
With my huge batch of cooked cassava chips, I wondered what else I could do. I considered making Aipim, a traditional Brazilian cake – dense, moist and apparently delicious. We, afterall share histories of food and more with them.  However, I wasn’t sure my cassava was of the right texture, as it was in chunky […]

Traditional Nigerian Edo Egusi Soup

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 14, 2014
Egusi soup, in which I channel my inner ‘Edo‘ girl. My ‘Igarra‘ heritage. For this is the soup by which we are woken up on many a morning, ladled into yellow enamel bowls, motifed with green leaves and rimmed in red. Covers clanging, hiding the pungent, fried scents of Une. What we call locust beans. And what […]