Month: February 2015


Four (4) ideas for Poached Chicken

Remember that easy to make poached chicken? Here are a few ways you should be using it. Thank me later ๐Ÿ™‚ Just think Soup it! Sauce it!  Bake it!…or something along those lines. There are a million other ideas, but here are just four of them. Tip: To warm up a pack of cold/ frozen chicken, I […]


J’s Yogurt & Granola Parfait

She made it up, inspired by ‘Sweet Kiwi‘. We got home from ‘shopping’ on Saturday and J, Daughter #1 made up a glass, showing off our recently acquired glassware. It turns out (via Google) that these glasses are actually parfait glasses. Who knew ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyway, it’s a simple 3 ‘ingredient’ dessert or breakfast and in-between. […]

Nigerian Cuisine

Seafood Okro

‘Mehn, soup get level’…and this is up there with the best. A pot, choc-full of the freshest seafood – crabs, lobster and fish. I like to cook it in a shallow pan so the fish doesn’t ‘scatter’ :). I start off with making a quick stock – a combination of fried lobster shells in palm oil […]


Unpacking a House to Home

The first few days are the hardest. The transplanted mind, body and soul arenโ€™t exactly sure where to begin this new life, in this place, which you might grow to love in the end; but right now?โ€ฆ No love. I have this overwhelming sense of newness and it doesnโ€™t matter who Iโ€™m with, Iโ€™m trapped […]