Spiced Carrot Cake

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 27, 2017
Carrot cake…because carrots are in season and they are ‘healthyish’, aren’t they? Well, I think so. I discovered a gorgeous recipe on food52 which I continue to make with a few tweaks – namely upping the spices. I made this for a party, frosted it with lemony cream cheese and decorated it with glazed carrot […]

How to Build a Crepe Cake

by Kitchen Butterflyon July 17, 2015
Eid Mubarak, with my first-ever Crepe cake, perfect for crowd-feasting. Talk about resounding successes. Twenty (20) (in my case imperfect but delicious) layers of crepes with alternate layers of rich chocolate mousse and a salted caramel one, finished with a semi-sweet ganache and crushed candied pecans. What a mouthful. A delicious mouthful. Also known as […]

Pretty in Some Pink – Coconut & Lime Cake

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 14, 2015
Which wasn’t very coconutty to be honest. Thing was, I wanted to make a cake without using dairy…and so replaced the yogurt with coconut cream. Except the beautiful cream with its sweet fragrance didn’t bake itself complete with the fragrance. I’m getting increasingly annoyed with coconut milk. I find the fragrance and flavour disappear in baked […]

Zobo & Gingerbeer Fruit Cake (Alcohol-Free)

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 16, 2014
I have my ‘voice of reason’, Maryam to thank for being the inspiration behind this fruit cake recipe, two ways – the first without alcohol and then, without alcohol and eggs. For a while, I’d been thinking about doing more with Zobo (Hibiscus drink), malt drinks and ginger beer so when I decided to make […]

Le Beurre Fait Maison, Homemade Butter

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 15, 2012
I’ve got my arms around something. Its butter! But not just any kind of butter. And no, not sticks. Its real butter. Homemade butter. Le beurre fait maison.

Bucket List #57: Make/Bake/Ice a cake with Fondant

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 25, 2012
It was way down my list at 57, fondant. For very obvious reasons. Hard to make. For professionals only. Beautiful to look at (impossible for some home cooks…and on and on and on). But in the dead of that Friday night, I imagined I was Buddy, The ‘Cake Boss’, working in a small kitchen in Hoboken, […]

Chocolate Dump-it All Cake a la Hesser

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 17, 2012
Normal. Is not a word I’d use to describe me. Myself. Is that bad English? I am intrigued by butter. Sticks of butter. The allure of reading American recipes that call for a ‘stick of butter’ hasn’t worn off……and I can count January the 8th as one of my best days in the history of […]

Easter Egg Lamington Cake Pops…That Were Not!

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 17, 2011
Rhema. The revelation word. A-ha moments – they happen every day. Simple statements filled with deep insights which cause one to take pause and reflect.

Simply Seasonal: 3 Recipes From Kitchen To Table

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 28, 2010
A home full of guests was how we planned this holiday - friends from Houston would pot sunshine and Texas steaks, stuffing them in bulging blue Samsonite cases, while friends from Nigeria would come armed with Kilishi (Nigerian beef jerky) and peppered plantain chips; we, in the Netherlands would provide the snow, sleighs and bells.