‘Texas Cake’, Just Because

Just because. 

Because we all have that one friend who makes us be, become more than we feel capable. The one who encourages, who pushes us forward in spite of our own reluctance. The one who is always and forever there.

This is for IJ, who forced me to learn to make layer cakes and ice cream cakes. And who has/had Texas on her list for many reasons. Gosh, IJ, I wish I could move mountains for you. This is remembering that birthday. And your cake filled with strawberry sauce and chocolate mousse.


Two layers of deliciousness in vanilla and chocolate. You were after ll the one who got me making them cakes. DSC_0623

And for Oti, who gave me her piping set when she moved and told me it was easy – to go forth and shine. For all the times this has saved me,…thank you. DSC_0666

For Texas, because you were the first state I visited in the US.  And just because.[wpurp-searchable-recipe]’Texas Cake’, Just Because – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]


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