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10 Things to Do With Carrots in Season

by on January 29, 2016

Carrots are in season

Here are 10 ways we’re eating and drinking them them:

1. Eat raw – washed, peeled, washed again and chomped on. Want some dipping sauces? Combine plain/ natural yogurt with curry powder and cilantro leaves, to taste

2. Grate and add to sandwich fillings, salads – cooked and raw, stir fries, rice dishes (including Jollof – yes, yes, I know), Pasta sauces etc


3. Make a smoothie. or Juice.


4. Saute. Oh, what a fine way to enjoy it.


5. Bake. Yes, Carrot cake. Even Carrot – Agbalumo cake.


6. Add to soups, even pepper soup

7. Make a medley with other vegetables


8. Cook a curry, like this Pumpkin Goat Meat one

9. Soup it. Stew it. A bit like 8, I know…I’m running out of ideas. 




10. Add to Shakshuka, Bakes, etc

What do you do with your carrots? Please share, I’d love to do more.