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Baked: Agbalumo-Carrot Cake

by on March 12, 2015

Today, I have three stories & recipes to share on and with Agbalumo – Success with an awesome chutney, A’yt and outright ‘Fail’. Here’s to delicious cake first.

Long dreamt of and easily made was this cake. See that orange nugget – top right hand of the wedge of cake below? That’s a piece of dried Agbalumo.

All the ingredients required are in season – Agbalumo, Carrots, Oranges. 

Agbalumo here is used in two forms – pureed and dried (chunks).


Everything about this cake was great – the ease of making and baking, the texture and taste – carrots grated such that they didn’t completely give way when baking. A bit chewy.

The Agbalumo  was nice, but not very present. It appears that Agbalumo loses some of its flavour when cooked in small bits and combined in a mixture. The texture of the dried fruit was there – a touch chewy but not all of the flavour. 


Large chunks worked in the Tarte Tatin – the integrity and flavour of the fruit were preserved. Here…they almost got lost. One thing that occurred to me was the fruit might not have been dry enough. 

I particularly enjoyed tossing the grated carrot, orange zest and Agbalumo chunks into the flour. 


What a brilliant idea – this way, they are evenly distributed in the batter.


This was a great recipe to try and much enjoyed. Some adjustments to make to get a stronger sense of Agbalumo but a worthy effort.

[yumprint-recipe id=’19’]_DSC2786

So there you have it – Agbalumo Carrot Cake, best enjoyed by the wedge.

_DSC2811[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Baked: Agbalumo-Carrot Cake – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]