How to Tenderize Chicken

Sure you could use pawpaw skin or pineapple juice to tenderise your humble chicken breast but if you aren’t looking for a flavour bias, this method will help.

And it’s easy peasy too.

The principle is to ‘denature’ the proteins –  in the normally tough, dry chicken breast or other body parts of Le chicken. The key? Boneless, bone-free meat. 

Denaturation of proteins involves the disruption and possible destruction of both the secondary and tertiary structures.

We already know one way to get cooked, tender and flavourful chicken breast – by poaching, here’s another – it’s my bash and chop method.

I begin with a whole chicken breast. Doesn’t it look like a heart? What love.


I slice this across.

_DSC2513 _DSC2518

The slices go in a large enough ziploc bag – you can do this in batches

_DSC2520And then, using a mallet or a pestle shaped like an hourglass in my case, I pound the pieces.


The result is a mass of flesh which I remove from the bag and slice/ chop/  snip as I wish. You might find the tendons – white,tough/ stringy bits – easy to pick out and discard.


Pack in portion sizes and freeze or use immediately.


This is the base for my Peanut Butter Chicken – a 30 minute or less recipe, often on our menu.


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