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How to Tenderize Chicken

Sure you could use pawpaw skin or pineapple juice to tenderise your humble chicken breast but if you aren’t looking for a flavour bias, this method will help. And it’s easy peasy too. The principle is to ‘denature’ the proteins –  in the normally tough, dry chicken breast or other body parts of Le chicken. […]


Four (4) ideas for Poached Chicken

Remember that easy to make poached chicken? Here are a few ways you should be using it. Thank me later 🙂 Just think Soup it! Sauce it!  Bake it!…or something along those lines. There are a million other ideas, but here are just four of them. Tip: To warm up a pack of cold/ frozen chicken, I […]


How to Poach Chicken Breasts

Or how to make the juiciest chicken breasts ever, all thanks to osmosis and gentle temperatures. Poaching is the art and science of cooking foods in a light liquid on low heat.Poached chicken breasts, often considered diet food takes on moistness and niceness untold from gentle cooking in a light broth, which itself becomes great […]