Nigerian ‘Concept’ Dish: Dry Fish Skin & Yam Cannelloni with Peppersoup Consomme

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 31, 2017
The Concept This concept is all about reinventing peppersoup – taking it from warm and comforting to refined and clean. It’s about combining the popular sides of yam in this spicy broth with flaked fish and using the skin of the dried fish as a vehicle for flavour and texture in a cannelloni. How to make […]

How to Process Mangoes

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 21, 2015
You learn everyday. This technique uses a cup/ glass to separate mango cheek from flesh. You begin by slicing off the mango cheeks. I aim for as close to the stone/seed as possible so I leave very little behind. Once you’ve sliced off as many mango cheeks as you want, get a cup or glass […]

How to Tenderize Chicken

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 11, 2015
Sure you could use pawpaw skin or pineapple juice to tenderise your humble chicken breast but if you aren’t looking for a flavour bias, this method will help. And it’s easy peasy too. The principle is to ‘denature’ the proteins –  in the normally tough, dry chicken breast or other body parts of Le chicken. […]

Technique: How to Juice a Lime

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 19, 2014
To juice a lime…with ease, you’ll need the greenest, smoothest-skinned, most fragrant limes. Ever. Well…..even yellowing, gnarled limes would work. Moving on. You’ll need a sharp knife and thus your wits about you. And a beautiful handheld citrus press, or you could be here all night. Don’t forget you’ll need a cup too, a receptacle to […]