2009…out with the Old, 2010….in with the New!

A very blessed and happy 2010 to you. A new year, a new decade. New hopes, dreams and desires……

New Years

I so wanted to write a long post today, complete with Oliebollen recipes, my New Year’s resolutions and more….. IMG_7435 …that”s hasn’t quite worked out. The resolutions are here but the Oliebollen was never made. Last minute shopping didn’t quite allow. However, I promise in the New Year, this will be corrected as I just got offered an outstanding recipe for these dutch delights from a neighbour. Forgive me Kate, who knows, I might even bring you some :-).


The Dutch traditionally usher in the New Year with these calorie-bombs, decorated with sweet snow…., which sneak out on special occasions only, like Queen’s day and at Summer fairs. You’ll find them everywhere in December, in little caravans, called Gebak kraams….


…. to box mixes and fresh at the bakers.


Instead, I’ve been outside with my neighbours, sipping some Gluwhein, which I didn’t get a chance to in Cologne.

I’m thanking God for the amazing year that 2009 has been – my worst and best year in one!

IMG_0359When the year started, I didn’t know what the end would be like. Now sitting here on the last day of December, all I am is thankful.

Thankful for the bad times I had. See, in October last year, I decided that I would start a food blog but I sort of took my time getting there. When in the spring of 2009, I went though a rocky patch at work, I finally got started.


To be honest, it was thanks to God, my husband, Yaro Starak, his become a blogger website and a very good friend of mine that I got off my large behind and put Kitchen Butterfly on the blogmap!

At that time, I was in pain, turmoil, feeling worthless and depressed on one hand but elated and invigorated on the other hand. From March to June, I toiled behind the scenes, writing, crafting, organising what was to become my outlet. My place called home. My palace, my hideaway. My corner of fulfillment. My joy. Where writing met photography to talk all about food and culture.


Finally, I emerged from the cocoon and forced myself to go ‘live’, even when I didn’t feel quite ready. I knew I could stay ‘behind’ forever….so I set myself a deadline and things went from there.


You know what, work got better…in fact work became great. Most of the ruffles were smoothened out and life became bearable as a professional and as a foodie, separate and distinct paths, each with its own rewards.

I learnt so much. I laughed so hard, and I cried. Oh yes, the tears came. I always joke that I also have a bladder near my eye (I read that somewhere). I became more confident that I was and am on the right track in this love for food. When Rebecca asked me to do a guest post on her blog, I was honoured, touched, astounded…..and humbled….another testament to this path I am on.

The crest of it all for me has been meeting and connecting with other foodies, virtually and at FBC. Wow. Amazing. Unbelievable. There’s a whole world out there which I’m part of.

I’ve found my place, a unique spot in this world, along with millions of others who understand, empathise and encourage.

I am blessed.

What does 2010 hold?

A lot I’m sure! I know that there’ll be a lot of new things coming my way, with my fair share of struggles but I am hopeful. I am confident that it will be well. It can’t be worse than I’ve had this year, can it? My husband always says, ‘When you’re pressed down, you have to expand’! And that’s what I hope for us all this coming year.

I am hopeful that this year, I will get closer to God.


That I will slow down a bit and not try to ‘hurry up’ myself and everyone else around me.


I will cook  A LOT. HEALTHIER. I will grill and bake more…and deep fry less. Did I mention eat more beans and lentils?


I will bake more bread.Thanks to Jennifer and Zoe + Jeff of Artisan bread in 5 minutes, the only way is up!

I will find my feet, my macaron feet…..


(I’ve started already aging my flour and egg whites for a grand finale soon!)

IMG_7997 IMG_8047

Buying puff pastry will be a thing of the past!

I will take more mom-alone trips, yes without the kids. That way, we’ll all preserve our sanity. The husband and I will also attempt to make a trip away, together….sans kids….for the second time in 7/8 years. We will learn to trust others to care for our kids….I hope!

I will LOSE WEIGHT. I will cook more vegetarian dishes.

IMG_0829I hope to progress from semi- to well-organised.

Hopefully, I’ll be rich, go to NYC….maybe even buy a Mini. Oh Lord, help me please.

My favourite  careMost of all, I will be grateful and take each day as it comes and one-by-one.

I will give praise and be joyful in as much as I can.

And I will continue to blog…with joy.

Thank you for embarking on this journey to ‘greatness’. We will get there and we will excel.


With all my love, blessings and best wishes for 2010.

Stay strong, stay hopeful and stay passionate, we will prevail….if only for ourselves. God bless.


PS: Don’t you just love this clock?

It says soms loopt sometimes walking

alles vekeerteverything travels….(If my Dutch serves me right!)

And do you notice anything strange?

(We saw this in a nice seaside restaurant in the North of the Netherlands a few months ago!)


[wpurp-searchable-recipe]2009…out with the Old, 2010….in with the New! – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]


  1. What a wonderful post! I’m glad yo persevered and let your blog out into the big wide world because if not for the blog we would never have met 🙂 May your 2010 be filled with peace and much joy – and hope to meet up again soon!

    Btw, I think the translation of the Dutch on your fab clock says “sometimes everything goes wrong” 🙂

  2. Oops, I haven’t wished you a Happy New Year yet! A little late but still… I wish you all the best in 2010. Let all your resolutions become reality. I’m very happy I got to know you and I hope to see you this year at FBC! 🙂

  3. Sorry my greetings comes a bit late. For some reason my reader wasn’t updating me when you posted 🙁 So I missed a lot and am only now getting caught up on all your posts. I wish you every happiness for the new year.

  4. Best wishes in 2010, to us all!

    Krista, inspite of it all…we’ll forge ahead, stonger, wiser and more than able!

    Sarah, I say to myself that I must also include going to bed early at least a couple of times a week!

    Mina,…it isn’t easy trusting others with our kids for first of all, we have to trust them, then trust the child….but someday, we will get there!

    Thanks Christine, Nic and Beth, Pei Lin. Best wishes for 2010.

    mademoiselle délicieuse, What confidence about the feet. Tomorrow is the big day, so we shall see!!!!!!!!

    Annemarie dear….I just may take the dive next year…but let’s see shall we?

    Heavenly Housewife – *mwah*. Thanks for you kind wishes.

    Celia dearie…with love and look forward to peace, peace and more contentment!!!!!!

    Babara Bakes, I hope so too :-)! I’m ‘sure’ so…in a corner of my heart too.

    Melissa,We can’t do everything at the same time. I used to love sewing but I don’t think I’ve pressed the pedal on my machine in over a year!!!!!!!!!! Looking forward to hugging you sometime in 2010 and plonking a super kiss on Ezra’s cheeks too!

    Thanks Margot, looking forward to making Bento’s this year!!!!!!!

  5. Oz,
    Let me just tell you the joy reading your blog has brought me!!! Such an inspiration you are…and the love..you can always feel it jumping off your pages. I can truly relate to this being the best and worst year in one….all these struggles just make us stronger and set us up for the next BIG thing!! 2010 will be an amazing year and I look forward to continue to follow your food journey. One day I will really(I sort of started a year ago)((http://savorysometimessweet.blogspot.com/)) do a food blog myself..until then I get so much from yours. Happy New Year to your family and oh let it be soon that we get to NL!!!

  6. God bless you all, dearheart. I know exactly how you feel..

    Best of everything for 2010, particularly your goal of walking closer with God. May it bring you peace and true contentment.

    With love to you and yours, Celia

  7. My friend, dont you forget about your great resulotion for 2010: YOU WILLLLLL TAKE THE DIVE!!!
    big hug from miss Non-unox

  8. You cannot believe how joyed I am to have come to know you through your blog. Your honesty and warmth really comes across in your words, which travel to me through this thing we know as the internet – across countries and continents, time zones and climates – to reach me and bring a smile to my face.

    I wish you the best of luck with your personal and food endeavours in 2010. And, especially, I can’t wait to see your macarons which WILL have feet! =D

  9. Thank you for this. I too am teary-eyed after reading your post. Thank you, thank you for your friendship via this blog world. Cheers to a happy, healthy New Year. Blessings to you and your family.

    p.s. I will also work on trusting others to watch my child. 🙂

  10. LOL our goals are quite similar, I am going to eat more pulses, have got egg whites ageing in my kitchen as we speak and want to lose weight. Oh yes and to get more early nights so quite what I’m doing here at 1.23am I’m not sure. Happy New Year and lots of love from Sarah xxx

  11. Love this SO much! Am sitting here teary-eyed and smiling at the same time. 🙂 Thank you for being so honest. This has been my best and worst year too, and it’s lovely to know my experiences have not been solitary. A very, VERY happy new year to you! 🙂

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