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Koninginnedag 2010

by on May 1, 2010

Yesterday was Queen’s day.

I sold no macarons, or cookies, or anything for that matter.

IMG_4242Instead, we walked the length of our village centre, and I hunted bargains….wisely of course. More on that in a minute.

First off, as to be expected, everything from bodies to body parts were covered in oranje (orange)….

IMG_4249 – hair, lips, and nails (men and women!) too

IMG_4125IMG_4124 IMG_4122

Shop windows too….have sweets in every colour but today, especially in orange, red, white and blue (for the Dutch flag)


If you know the Dutch, they are gek over snoepjes (crazy about sweets). Some say, a Dutch child is born with sweets in their hands.

IMG_4111IMG_4120 IMG_4137IMG_4119

The streets were packed with people and stalls see this is the day when everything possible can be sold (with some exceptions, of course)without license. Everything from bikinis to

IMG_4129cupcakes, which were superb. They were orange flavoured but it was the frosting which took the cake. Made from creme fraiche and butter, topped with silver dragee and edible glitter.

IMG_4160For a lot of people,this is an avenue to rid themselves of the products from their spring cleaning.

IMG_4174 IMG_4176

Perfect for me, seeing photo props, at low cost :-). I got a few things, like this decorated bowls, for 1 euro;

IMG_4321 a set of wine corks for 50 cents, 2 teacups with decorated silver rims, inset in silver cups; antique forks for a euro too and a set of small teapots for 2 euros 50 cents. I also got tapas bowls, flower pots and a wooden stand of sorts. A fine day out I say :-).

IMG_4335 IMG_4319IMG_4350 IMG_4314

For the kids, we got a stack of books for  a couple of euros, and my husband bought me a Julie & Julia DVD, at full price from one of the main street shops (and not the flea market) which was open!


There was loads I didn’t buy. This sewing machine for example,


And this Christmasy spade;

IMG_4181 The poffertjes pan wasn’t on my list, so it stayed back too, along with the woman having a game of golf and the other things. I did take the teapots though.

IMG_4180But it isn’t all old stuff on sale – new products are also sold, like this Dutch sport shirts.

IMG_4179And these souvenir clogs;

IMG_4246And t-shirts, celebrating Princess Maxima, wife of the Crown Prince Willem Alexander.


There was loads of music, provided in truck bands and in various small squares.

IMG_4153Mostly pop songs and quite enjoyable. These kids were ‘wicked’ on the drums – quite remarkable.


There were guys with street organs, bubble machines and loads of beautiful tulips on display.

IMG_4171 IMG_4178IMG_4151 IMG_4143

There were also loads of food stalls. My girls enjoyed orange candy floss, called suiker spin (sugar spin, in Dutch).

IMG_4221IMG_4223 IMG_4227IMG_4226

And we watched Lahmacun made fresh, even if we didn’t get to try them, the long queues seemed a testament to their tastiness. Next time perhaps.

IMG_4205 IMG_4206IMG_4207 IMG_4209

I tried some freshly squeezed orange juice – steep in price and lacking in taste. A warning that all that is orange on this day isn’t necessarily good!


I couldn’t resist this beautiful Alsatian…..so I took him (or her) a photo.

IMG_4172In the market place, where traders fill every Tuesday with wares, there was a wealth of sellers, of things…




and new.

IMG_4189There were loads of beautiful flowers on display, and for sale. From your regular tulips


to the not-so regular ones, with coloured strips down the length of the petals and curved/frilly edges.


I found them intriguing.


There were other pretty blooms too – a real sign that spring is here.


This year, the kids didn’t milk the orange cow for juice.


Others did though.

IMG_4250 IMG_4253

Olieballen (Oil balls, literally translated) took a leave of presence, from the Traditional New Year’s eve and appeared garnished in snow.


As did Appelflappen, battered and fried slices of thick apple slices stuffed with kirshy cherries in the centre. Not bad at all

IMG_4272 IMG_4278

I had fun, as expected. We all had fun.

Till next year, Lang zal ze leven (Long shall she live – The Queen!)


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