There is so much going on….it is unbelievable. Christmas has happened upon me…again this year. The only difference is that last year I dreamt of going to a Christmas market in Germany (and didn’t) and this year, tomorrow infact, we’re off to Cologne! And this year, there were only hopes…no dreams. I’m so excited. but that’s another blog post.

Just some photos of my weekend, last weekend, which I spent visiting a friend of mine in Copenhagen. I had a GREAT TIME! Hopefully, these will tide you over till Sunday when I get back. I hope my computer isn’t misbehaving then. Tonight, I actually thought I would have to borrow a computer to write the famous ‘the anatomy of a dead computer aka ‘crashed  ’cause ours was acting up. Thankfully, that’s not to be the case.

Ask me what I think about Copenhagen and here are a few things I have to say. But I see in part….and tis not the whole:-). Here it goes:

Skylines that conjure up images of the middle east;


Yellow buses;


Danish design – minimalist, clean, functional and fashionable;

IMG_3564 IMG_3607

Rice pudding, packed like sausages;

IMG_3379Garlic puree….not pureed snails – as I first thought;

IMG_3807The longest cinnamon sticks I’ve seen for ages – perfect for stirrers;

IMG_3805 Marzipan;

IMG_3831Babies left in prams and buggies…while mums shop. Honest, it’s true. I heard about it before I went and then I saw it with my own eyes;


An astounding array of flours and sugars! Did you know the Danes are the world’s largest organic food consumers (I read it somewhere adn I did see proof). Even the most specialist flours and grains are mainstream – mostly! Thatcame to me as a great suprise!


I sampled nice sausages….for as sheep are to New Zealand, so are pigs to Denmark….Danish bacon, ring a bell? I also sampled some nice apple liquer – boy – strong!

IMG_3489 IMG_3486IMG_3474 IMG_3458

Christmas tidings and cheer….adorned almost everthing, from ribbons,

IMG_3878to jingle beer…and more!

IMG_3359 IMG_3357

Remoulade, remoulade, remoulade.

IMG_3410Crackling…by the pack;

IMG_4360And on the plate!

IMG_4185Like the Dutch drop, liquorice are a firm favourite here. Count me out!

IMG_4354 And I was comforted…by my earliest and first memories of Denmark …..Danish butter cookies in the blue tins. Tins we fought to buy, to keep and to hold….my sisters and I!

IMG_4350The largest teapot-for-one I’ve ever had;

IMG_4143And super pretty landscapes and city views to boot.

IMG_3729 IMG_3724 IMG_3721

I met Kevin, from Australia….,

IMG_3397 IMG_3398

And Father Christmas from East Greenland, serving up spiced cookies!

IMG_3685 IMG_3688IMG_3692 IMG_3690

Copenhagen was fun for me….I will go back!

IMG_4100And so do we……men and women of all nations. – try hard.