Sometimes, we propose….but computers think differently.

For a few weeks now, we’ve been plagued with computer woes. Finally, after numerous repairs and re-installations, it died on us. Literally. But that was fine, we still had have a desktop, whose former residence was the study….upstairs.

NewYearseve_0809 086

Now, it sits in the living room, next to the kitchen and all was going so well, till this evening when I tried to load my photos from the New Year’s dive at Scheveningen beach (as promised).

In minus degreesWhat did I see? ‘Communication error’. Meaning it doesn’t recognise my camera and so photos cannot be downloaded!

We're finished with our soup

For the last few hours (after watching Bridget Jones Diary, and having my eyes lightly awash with sentiment and romance), I’ve sat down and tried to figure this out – to no avail!

So, please let me tempt you with some photos from last year and a promise that normal programming will resume as soon as the problem is fixed.

Soup soup soup NewYearseve_0809 104

Hmmm, have a great start to your New Year….., like I am with mine :-).

On a great note, thanks to Sarah of Maison Cupcake for letting me know, I’m taking part in a 10-week challenge, hosted by Recipe girl. My plan is to

  • Walk @ least 3 time a week
  • Cook/have a vegetarian meal once a week
  • Cook/have soup once a week
  • I should probably add get my kids to eat more beans….last week we had 2 super successful meals (I made a bean turkey and bacon chili with beans, which they loved with pasta and with rice, though I had to mash some of the beans up).

Love and peace this decade…[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Sometimes, we propose….but computers think differently. – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]


  1. i’m loving your blog.. i hope you get that computer work again soon… i know how it feels when it dies on you but just like in life…we just have to let go…happy new year!

  2. I just hate it when computers stop working – I can never figure them out. Oh well, thanks for sharing last year’s pictures! Wishing you a fantastic 2010!

  3. *Clink*. Super happy and blessed New Year guys. Thanks for all d lurv and care.

    Celia, that’s exactly what I was thinking when I wrote the headline – Man proposes but God truly disposes….And if I ever make it to Beyonce….that would be something!

    Krista,…I’m still aarghing. I’ve found out it might because I have over a 1000 piccies on my memory card. I might have to get a memory card reader. Its Sunday tomorrow and I go back to work on Monday…AARGH

    Thanks Lorraine, I really hope I accomplish them in the next couple of months….I am thankful though that there is motivation from it being a virtual ‘group’ event!

    No Santa hats Sarah, those are orange hats given by the sponsor UNOX. Orange is the colour for the Netherlands! ‘Puter is trying to test my goal of relax, slow down and take it easy!

    Joanne,I hope to have all the issues resolved by….hmmmm….don’t know!!!!!

  4. So sorry you’re having computer issues! That stinks. I hate it when they act up.

    Happy New Year though! I can’t wait to see the pics when they’re finally uploaded. And I love your goals.

    Here’s to a happy and healthy 2010.

  5. Happy New Year! It wasn’t until I looked closely that I realised these weren’t loads of people in Santa hats!! The weather looked bit gloomy that day, hope it’s sunnier for you now like it is here. Hope you get ‘puter sorted quickly, I can imagine it’s driving you mad. xxx

  6. I LOVE all the orange! What interesting photos!

    Your post title reminds me of something my father always says…”Man proposes, God disposes..”

    And on that note, I too have a goal of shedding a couple of kilos and exercising more this year. But after nearly 40 years of angst, I’ve also finally accepted that I’m never going to be willowy and lean. I think the best I could hope for is Beyonce, I’m never going to be a Keira Knightley. As they say, man proposes, God disposes.. 🙂

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