Dining at the Niagara Falls Culinary Institute

by Kitchen Butterflyon July 26, 2013
All that’s left for us to do is to have breakfast at ‘La Patisserie’. I fully intend to make that happen this very morning. Or tomorrow, just before we do the return leg to our road trip. The Culinary institute, the first culinary institute I’ve come close to is on a historic street close to the […]

Niagara Falls/The American Side

by Kitchen Butterflyon July 26, 2013
We take a road trip. Our all American holiday. Our car is small, our dreams big. To see Niagara Falls. We drive down what must be old Indian trails. Rivers and lakes. Town of big flats. Susaquehanna. And more.

I want to live in New York!!!

by Kitchen Butterflyon July 23, 2013
I’m desperate to live in New York City. To sit on a wooden bench and watch life travel by. Actually in Brooklyn.

Nigeria’s Transition Season produce: July

by Kitchen Butterflyon July 19, 2013
Putting jet lag to good use. Time Zone: Eastern Daylight Precise Location: New York State Currently….blogging at 4.45am while the world, the city around me sleeps!  —–00000—–

The Turkish Shop & Saying Goodbye

by Kitchen Butterflyon July 13, 2013
There are many things I wish I could take home with me. Many people too. Alas. I’ve bought the cookies and waffles. Spray can cream and croissants in tins. I’ve got a cool bag too. I haven’t used my real camera much – been having a blast with my iPhone and instagram! Shame on me […]

Collecting Memories: Remembering More, or Less

by Kitchen Butterflyon July 12, 2013
You forget just how cold the water is that flows through the taps. How numb your hands become in mere minutes. Unlike at home – in Nigeria where the water from the taps is always warm. You forget how narrow and winding Dutch stairwells are. How steep. How torturous it is to walk down the […]

Feasting on Encouragement

by Kitchen Butterflyon July 5, 2013
Encouragement. A good-for-your-soul feeling which I’m currently experiencing, thanks to my friends in The Netherlands. A hope that all can and will be.

Video: Ilias Delicatessen

by Kitchen Butterflyon July 3, 2013
Another video from the Leiden market, this time focused on ilias of ilias delicatessen, a born salesman! [flickr video=9165049379 secret=ca03b516ca w=500 h=280]