Feasting on Encouragement


It looks like the site of a#medieval #feast in the heart if #europe. It was a lovely#middleeastern meal and the #fruit bowl watched from the sidelines!
Love, love the fruits on C’s table

A good-for-your-soul feeling which I’m currently experiencing, thanks to my friends in The Netherlands.

#selfmadephotos-someday I'll get the hang of angles and #perspectives taking photos of #me! Even on a #blue#skied #morning
My new look – short, natural hair. Finding my natural curl pattern and LOVING it!

A hope that all can and will be.

I’m ‘speed dating’ in the Netherlands. Not properly but it feels rather like it. Its busy, exciting and lots of fun. I’m trading smiles, sharing laughter and exchanging stories. Catching a friend here. Fitting lunchtime shopping into it. Phone calls with the ones I can’t or won’t see, text messages, emails. On and on.

We’re sharing stories. Mine are the same, just repeated in various tones and pitches. They are the warp on the loom. The constant. Said over and over and over again, becoming smoother and more polished by the moment. Not polished to deception but just whittled down to the relevant bits. For time is of the essence. 16 days on arrival has become 10. 6 more to go. Where did time get to, escape?

My stories are the warp; theirs – the weft, the multi-colored threads of lives and events that do not feature me. Us. Only our memories. But true, they show the strength and character, the tapestry of love. Our love and friendships.

#icecream @lucianos. Spoilt for choice!

I am encouraged to trust. In God who knows me and my heart. Trusting that all things work together for good, for me. I may not see it now. Not understand how…but experience has shown me trusting is good!

I am encouraged to hope. I recently applied for a job. I didn’t get it. In spite of this, I hope. Because of stories my friends share. Stories of hope- finding new jobs, beginning again, following your passion. And actually because of this ‘rejection’, I’ve slept and woken up to a wonderfully new vision which has put fire in my bones, more fire than I’ve experienced in a lonnnnnnnnng time.

I am encouraged to feast. Simply and grandly. To create memories with friends and family. To enjoy life’s bounty. To re-live times past and to simply enjoy good food. I’ve had delicious home-cooked meals. Meals eaten on my ‘old’ street and meals from ‘new’ friends. Neighbours and friends who’ve known you and your clan. And friends made via kitchen butterfly, like C who hosted me and spoilt me silly with a Middle Eastern feast and excellent company.

A special #dinner with friends. The #hummus was out of this world- with #coriander leaves/ #cilantro folded through. Lots of great great combinations. Thanks C
A Middle Eastern Feast

Friends from Ghana who make a mean omelette with Kobi, salted and preserved Tilapia. Friends who take you to festivals and get you rocking again.

#ghanian #lunch of #kobi- salted, preserved #fish in an #omelette. Served with plain #basmati #rice and a thick #tomatosauce
Ghanaian Kobi omelette

I’m encouraged to give. To give of what I have and oh to receive. My Greek friend, C spoilt me with a bounty of gifts- olive oil, salt, thyme honey, walnuts from her own tree and dried figs. Giving gifts that make an impact are deeply appreciated. I love gifts especially when it pampers my taste buds and pantry.

#mayfair #filter @lucianos #ijsalon . My fave ever flavour- #chocolate and #hazelnuts: #gianduja! Yum #instafood
Gianduja -chocolate and hazelnut icecream

I've always been fascinated by #red#poppies. Why? They're so #fragile yet grow #wild by the #roadside, stalks thin and tall and petals as soft as cotton. Yet the stand strong, giving #beauty and #hope. Awesome

My return home, to one home fills me up. So completely, the timing couldn’t have been better.

#noshamebreakfast #tart! A girl must live on the wild side sometime! and enjoy a delicious slice of #ricetart from @multivlaainijverdal#instafood#foodstagram
Delicious rice tart, topped with cream and milk chocolate

I hope wherever you are, and whatever you’re going through….you find some encouragement, muster up some hope…,and remain smiling.

#bees-a-buzzing-#summer's finally here in the #purple #lavender bushes of #holland

I know I am. And will.

Thank you so much friends!

Remain encouraged, in spite of……[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Feasting on Encouragement – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]


  1. I love your writing, your stories, your pictures and…your hair! 🙂 Looks great! Can’t wait to read about your upcoming adventures in New York!

  2. Keep your positive spirit my friend! I wish I was there to share a chat and some hugs. Maybe next time! xx

  3. Disappointing that you didn’t get the job, one door closes only to open another. I have caught your excitement and am excited to have you reveal what has put fire in your bones.

    It’s such a dear time visiting friends, how very fortunate you are to have ones who share their love and culinary talents.

    BTW, love the natural hair!

    • Rhonda sweetie – thank a lot! First of all, I’m off to New York next week and plan on meeting some very interesting people from whom I can learn lots!!!! So that’s the first reason for the fire in my bones. And thanks for the hair comment – I am loving discovering my curl pattern – something I’ve NEVER ever done before. Its almost like seeing a bit of yourself in a new kind of mirror which illuminates a part of you previously unseen!

  4. So beautiful, dear Ozoz. I’m so thrilled to hear that your heart has been lavished with such love and care. 🙂 XO I too have had a heart-filling weekend with dear people who showed me love. Wishing you many, many more moments like this, and a job that suits you perfectly. :-0

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