Video: Ilias Delicatessen

Another video from the Leiden market, this time focused on ilias of ilias delicatessen, a born salesman!

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I’m walking on the other side of the canal when I spy a platter of dips and olives and 4 young men-students standing fast and eating away.

A phenomenal spread of #olives and #dips - with #crackers and the finest #breads for canvas-only @#ilias's delicatessen

I’m unsure. Students? Food? It must be free, I’m thinking.

Ilias notices me ‘lurking’ and beckons to me, with hands and voice – ‘Come, come’. And when I see his excitement at sharing food and chatting, I make my way to the table.

And eat myself silly happy.

The spread at the table was amazing. Chuck full of dips – aubergine hummus, and pesto, saffron aioli, tzatziki and olives to live for – from Italy, tossed in fresh herbs, spices, with slivers of garlic.

He has a range of the most beautiful breads ever: a curry-paprika ‘naan’, with bright strips of red bell pepper. Date breads, saffron rolls and more. All ‘authentic’ looking and tasting too. I tried them!

Fine #breads, I could easily be in a parisian boulangerie but I'm in the #netherlands where Saturday's #leiden street #market had this on offer - only at #Ilias's delicatessen

The saffron rolls reminded me of yeasted corn-bread which I loved as a child.

#bread, gorgeous #bread @#ilias on the #leiden street #market

If you bought things over 5 euros, you got a bunch of free mint. And you know me….and my mint tea love. I left with stuffed peppers, Italian olives and a bottle of the finest Moroccan Argan oil. And a bunch of free mint.

A free bunch of #mint leaves when you spend over 5 euros! You know I'm a mint tea lover so I didn't duty! @ilias is a true #moroccan! Stop by his delicatessen if in #leiden on a Saturday! He has a gorgeous stand selling #breads and #dips and #arganoil (I

Check him out at the Leiden Market: Saturdays, for sure – don’t know about Wednesdays!

See his website: Ilias Delicatessen: like him on Facebook, or follow him on instagram @iliasdeli and Twitter

Stay well friends. X X X[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Video: Ilias Delicatessen – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]


  1. Oh my wonderful friend………….. how I miss your tasty food and fellowship with you and your family:) The blog continues to be fabulous! Missing y’all….. Sheila…xoxo

  2. You’re right he is quite the salesman and cute too. The saffron aioli sounds delightful. Like Deb the saffron brot caught me eye also!

    • Mint!

      They are munt bosjes. Bunches of mint-spend 5 euros and receive a bunch for free!

      I didn’t investigate if it was a bunch for every fiver spent. If that was the case, I would have garnered myself at least 3 bunches!

  3. Oh Oz, I long to trail behind you on your adventures! The saffron bread has gotten my complete attention! It sounds divine!

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