Niagara Falls/The American Side

We take a road trip. Our all American holiday.

Our car is small, our dreams big. To see Niagara Falls.

Amazing #rainbows at the #caveofthewinds in #niagarafalls US! Thrilled to be able to capture it on camera. #sevenwondersoftheworld

We drive down what must be old Indian trails. Rivers and lakes. Town of big flats. Susaquehanna. And more.

The mountains never leave down highway 87 and intersection 390. The Endless mountains.

Niagara falls.

They are awesome – all 3 falls which we’ve walked under, sailed around and gasped at today. Beauty untold.

#horseshoefalls at #niagarafalls US. Mist, water, action! Gorgeous scenery. #Nature at its finest. Makes me appreciate life!

The rainbows aren’t only gorgeous but are easily captured.

There’s so much to say about the breathtaking beauty but I’ll refrain and remember it in picture.

#caveofthewinds in #niagarafalls - wet wet wet but so refreshing ! #breathtaking #wondersofnature#sevenwondersoftheworld#niagarafalls US

Its hard to decide which one we prefer more. The kids love the Hurricane Deck at the Cave of the Winds. As do so many others. I was thrilled I could take photos and still protect both my camera and my iPhone!

#wild wild #water - live in #niagarafalls #USA! Taking the #caveofthewinds by storm or the other way round! #nature has given us many great gifts!

Where wind and rain mingle.

#Hurricane Deck at the #caveofthewinds in #niagarafalls US! What an experience.

The views on the voyage in the Maid of the Mist boat are superb – you see the famous great falls. I, for instance never knew there were 3 falls to Niagara – I always assumed it was one set of ‘falls’ and that was that. I didn’t know about the Horseshoe falls and the Bridal Veil and the American falls. Three separate waterfalls in the same area! Awesome.

#view of #caveofthewinds from #maidofthemist #boat in #niagarafalls US! #sevenwondersoftheworld

What a real treasure……..Niagara Falls. America.[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Niagara Falls/The American Side – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]


  1. Nice, promise you will come see it from the Canadian Side. The journey behing the falls is simply majestic. You get to actually stand behing the falls .
    Majestic, do come.

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