The Turkish Shop & Saying Goodbye

There are many things I wish I could take home with me. Many people too.


Nothing beats a round of #dutch #cheese , especially if it is #cumin#cheese! Lekker...,meaning delicious

I’ve bought the cookies and waffles. Spray can cream and croissants in tins. I’ve got a cool bag too. I haven’t used my real camera much – been having a blast with my iPhone and instagram! Shame on me as I have had a wonderful gift of 2 camera lenses from my bestest big sister and friend, Comme un Chef

. Who rescued me when my Canon G10 died an awful death in Paris three years ago….and introduced me to the world of Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras!

Stuff to take home, from #holland - #stroopwaffels, #speculaas #cookies and even chewing gum! All from #albertheijn

Strawberries and Rhubarb were supposed to go home with me, but with bags ballooning by the minute and the Rhubarb more green than pink, I abandoned that idea.

#speculaas #cookies : spiced like pumpkin pie, crisp and crunchy like crisps. Very #dutch and much loved in my family

But Pomegranates and Fennel take up some room – I’m done. Wishing I could ensure a lifetime supply of Turkish yogurt by taking all of Ozan supermarket with me.

I’m getting me a school lesson on dates. And not the boy-meet-girl sort. No, sir this is of the edible variety. 12 sorts….. from Iran. Turkey and perhaps Morocco. Menjool dates, dates on the vine, sun-ripened dates. An endless list when all I want to know is which one makes the lightest, tastiest sticky toffee pudding?

#dates of the #dried#fruit variety

There’s something about people who occupy prime real estate. Something smart about them. Efficient even, like New Yorkers. They understand space and have figured out how to beautify and make practical their ‘confinement’ as it were.

And Ozan is no different. Or as I like to call it ‘The Turkish shop’.

#turkish #treasure shop with gorgeous #delicacies

Each inch of this store is wisely stocked with all I need. And I don’t need toilet paper.

I need soft, chewy and tasty turkish bread. Which I love to tear and stuff with cumin cheese and apple slices.

The best #turkish#breads outside of turkey for sure! Soft, chewy, yum!

One aisle is all about vinegars, that sour flavour craved in various world cuisines. Pomegranate molasses and vinegars as well as less common grape vinegars sit tall and proud- they’re doing duty.

Vinegars et al @ #ozan#leidsenhage

Nuts, baklava, sugared almonds and macadamias? They line counters and fill shelves.

#baklava#instafood#middleeastern #snacks

Then butchers counter has moved to the back where the vegetables used to be. The veggies now sit in the front of the shop. Jars of honey and honeycomb in packs (I got some).

#nutty#honey-#turkish delights

But I go too far into the store and delay the description of the facade, shielded from the rare appearance of the Dutch sun by an awning. Memory fails me but I believe the awning to be of striped character, in green and white. But just green gives no indication of the colour does it? For it could be bottle green or fluorescent or leaf. Our palettes are so rich, full of life….the least I can do is get the green right. This is a dark green. I think. I’ll have to go back to check some other time.

Fruits, Vegetables and the most amazing array of peppers are always to be found, lining the entire length of the front of the shop.

The thing I most love about this shop is its yogurt.

Good Turkish yogurt. Perfect for dessert, making labneh and everything you’d want to do with yogurt.

Strangely, its the low-fat version (3.5%) that has me in its grips. Me….who is always and forever full-fat inclined! This is creamy, cool delight and I actually find the 10% fat version too rich. How interesting, I think! There’s hope yet that someday I’ll decline creme fraiche in favour of some other less-fattening alternative. I await it!!!

#turkish #yogurt @ ozan #supermarket in #leidsenhage. I love the 3.5% yogurt with ginger jam and #raw flaked #almonds-a great #breakfast. #lunch and #dinner . Did I mention superb for #dessert?


So its time to say goodbye and once again, I write this sitting in an airport lounge, grateful for a wonderful time, a wonderful place filled with the most amazing stories and treasures and friendships.

Love & peace, XXXX.

#fatbuddha! Cute #asianartifacts

Ozan supermarkets
Duindoorn 3
2262 AR
Telephone: 0703202126[wpurp-searchable-recipe]The Turkish Shop & Saying Goodbye – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]


  1. Oz, all my favourite flavours! I don’t know how you decided on what to take home, and what to leave behind! And thank you again for thinking of me, I loved the succulent books! (Hopefully you go the email I sent you..) xx

  2. After reading you post, I have the summer travel bug! Take me with you! I always bring home food and food related items as well and wish to fill my suitcase to the bursting point!

  3. This is my favourite shop! I come here three times a week and always leave with far too much food…

    • And I used to….I loved everything you created from your purchases here! Looking forward to replicating some of it. Oh I must trouble you to send me the Spanish flat bread recipe!

    • Yes Sally, its becoming troubling for me. Each time the suitcases grow bigger and heavier and actually double! All stuffed to bursting point but there’s not one thing I could live without. She says!

  4. What an absolutely wonderful shop!! 🙂 I would love to wander through here and fill my basket to overflowing. 🙂

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