Beste Sinterklaas Wensen

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 5, 2013
To my dearest Dutch friends, best wishes for Sinterklaas. I hope you have terrific feestjes . Enjoy the kruidnoten, peppernoten and snopjes. Lots of love X X X [wpurp-searchable-recipe]Beste Sinterklaas Wensen – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]

The Turkish Shop & Saying Goodbye

by Kitchen Butterflyon July 13, 2013
There are many things I wish I could take home with me. Many people too. Alas. I’ve bought the cookies and waffles. Spray can cream and croissants in tins. I’ve got a cool bag too. I haven’t used my real camera much – been having a blast with my iPhone and instagram! Shame on me […]

Video: Ilias Delicatessen

by Kitchen Butterflyon July 3, 2013
Another video from the Leiden market, this time focused on ilias of ilias delicatessen, a born salesman! [flickr video=9165049379 secret=ca03b516ca w=500 h=280]

Home again,….in Holland

by Kitchen Butterflyon June 28, 2013
Not a single thing has changed. The office is the same – the carpets are still on the wall. The sandwich shop is now a hub: re-designed with upstairs seating. The coffee shop still serves baby cappuccinos, my delight – milky with only a hint of coffee. I ignore the cakes, delicious as they look. […]

Reasons to Believe: Celebrating Sinterklaas in Nigeria

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 5, 2011
What are memories made of? Fragments of colored glass, perfect for life’s grand mosaic Pieces of patterned cloth for the patchwork quilt of our earth journeys And thick threads, for the tapestries we weave of the world

My Favourite Things – ‘Dutch’ Special

by Kitchen Butterflyon July 9, 2011
Holland, my sweet Holland Soon I shall see you no more How is it that time so quickly goes by? And now I return To Nigeria, my beloved Homeland