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Sweet Ehuru & Carrot Pancakes

Because when carrots are in season, we do every and any. Because they are delish – more nutritious when cooked. You must make them because the children, my children fell in love after initially turning up noses when these were just batter. Gorgeous carrot pancakes that are perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I spiced mine with […]


Happy ‘National Waffle Day’

…and yes, I’m celebrating the awesomeness of my waffle iron because I’m a global citizen, of America, of Nigeria, of The Netherlands, of The World who will waffle everything possible from bread to waffle batter, cake and croissants. The ancient Greeks are said to have been the first waffle bakers — they cooked flat cakes […]

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How to Build a Crepe Cake

Eid Mubarak, with my first-ever Crepe cake, perfect for crowd-feasting. Talk about resounding successes. Twenty (20) (in my case imperfect but delicious) layers of crepes with alternate layers of rich chocolate mousse and a salted caramel one, finished with a semi-sweet ganache and crushed candied pecans. What a mouthful. A delicious mouthful. Also known as […]

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How To Make Masa

I have much to learn about Nigerian cuisine, regional as it is and none is more special to me at the moment that the cuisine of Northern Nigeria. A cuisine that’s more than suya and kilishi, that has interesting stews, soups and drinks. The first time I heard/ read of Masa was on Afrolem’s blog. […]


The First Pancake Problem

First pancakes.  And the First pancake problem. First pancakes often turn out weird. Bad. Annoying and fit only for the bin. I learnt that many years ago.  If you think you’re the only one prone to bad first pancakes, well…you aren’t.  The internet is littered with complaints and tales of composting first pancakes. Google has about 30,600,000 […]


Cooking with Kids: Pancake Faces

Staples. Perfect for Saturday mornings. So perfect the children can make their own. All it requires is pancake mix and a touch of creativity. It works on the principle of cooking sequence developing contrast and creating the smiley. What do I mean? Each part you cook before adding more batter defines that element. You begin with […]