Happy ‘National Waffle Day’

…and yes, I’m celebrating the awesomeness of my waffle iron because I’m a global citizen, of America, of Nigeria, of The Netherlands, of The World who will waffle everything possible from bread to waffle batter, cake and croissants.

The ancient Greeks are said to have been the first waffle bakers — they cooked flat cakes between two metal plates held over burning embers; Source

In the last few weeks and months, I’ve waffle’d cake, croissants and a host of other things. All of them have been soooooooooo awesome.

And so it is, in honour of National Waffle Day, I’m sharing a few waffle recipes from traditional to non-traditional

Chocolate Waffles

One of our favourites – this has the depth of brownies and the richness of cocoa. 


Snow covered chocolate waffles with strawberries

The Croffle

The beauty and deliciousness of a waffled croissant cannot be overstated.



Yam Waffles

Yes, similar to your sweet/ potato waffle…but with yam instead.


Yam Waffles with Dambu Kazaa

Waffle’d Cake

A great way to refresh stale/ dry cake. It transforms it into something warm with toasty, deliciously golden, crunchy edges thats part warm, part crumbly and every bite as delicious as you can imagine.


Waffles & Ice Cream

Classic combination…of delicious waffles and ice cream. 

This here is a butter pecan ice cream with caramel sauce – nice looking but too sweet even for me with my sweet tooth.



Bread waffled till toasted and perfect for being the boundaries to a sandwich. The edges are the best part.


Dutch Stroopwaffel

And finally, lets stop by in Holland, not for a thick, Belgian style waffle but for a sweet, almost cookie like version


IMG_4728 Not to forget Chicken & Waffles amongst a host of others. What are you waffling today? Hopefully, not just words 🙂[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Happy ‘National Waffle Day’ – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]


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