How to bleach palm oil

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 9, 2019
A big thank you to My Diasporan Kitchen, whose blog post was the perfect guide for this experiment. Here’s how to bleach palm oil: First, read the recipe on ‘how to’ very well. Though most Nigerians are conversant and confident with oil cooking, frying etc, it’s good to read the recipe, become familiar with the […]

Pepperfruit-cured Salmon

by Kitchen Butterflyon July 10, 2017
Yes. Pepper fruit cured. I knew I wanted to use it for the way I thought the spicy seeds would cut the chewy fish and add aroma. My desire would be to cure white, local fish but this is a good place to begin.  And I’m glad to say it worked. Take some processed pepper […]

Resources for the New, Growing & Confident Cook

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 27, 2016
A collection of links to help because ‘No better cook did dreaming alone make :)’ Thank me later Becoming a good cook is a cross between the creative and practical, with health & safety as the overarching theme. I’ve found a few resources which you might find useful: Culinary Arts Basics Everything you need to know, […]

Pan Breads, by Puff Puff

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 25, 2016
What do you do when you have left over puff puff batter that you consider too sour for…puff puff? You make pan bread – batter fried in lightly oiled pans till they cook, crepe like/ pancake like. On rare occasion, I have leftover puff puff batter. Batter because it is ‘pourable’, not dough which is […]

Failure & Success – Goat Confit to Dambun Akuya

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 18, 2016
Because sometimes, in spite of your best intentions, things will fail spectacularly. All that’s important then is what you learn and what you decide to do with it. The idea for a goat confit came after a discussion with a friend, B. I don’t remember the exacts but I know I was at a store […]

How To Make Correct Nigerian Stock

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 25, 2016
Stock – the bedrock of Jollof Rice, of Fried Rice, Stews and more is easy to make. Nigerian stock differs from ‘Western’ style stocks because of the ingredients used. Your average Nigerian stock has red onions, fresh ginger and garlic, curry powder and dried thyme and more. In Europe, America and some other parts of […]

PuffPuff Made Easy

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 21, 2016
With an electric hand mixer. This tool has two whisks inserted into a hand held body. Here’s why I used mine: Number 1 – less elbow grease You know, that energy you expend in mixing the dough so you have the lightest, chewiest of dough balls. So, yes you don’t have to do the hand […]

Homemade Low Fat Meat Stock

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 10, 2016
I like to make my meat stock from scratch. I personally find it easy. The really win for me having a deep freeze stash to use when the need arises. Sometimes, I make my stock from flesh, other times bones and sometimes both. A few things I do when making stock with meat/ bones I cook on […]

How to Make Dambu

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 4, 2015
Making Dambu has been on my list of things to learn for ages. This weekend past, my Hausa teacher – yes, Hausa teacher (I’m learning to speak Hausa because I think it is delightful. It sounds incredibly beautiful – soft and melodic) taught me. In Hausa, Dambu literally translated is ‘mixture’. And this, is a mixture […]