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How to bleach palm oil

A big thank you to My Diasporan Kitchen, whose blog post was the perfect guide for this experiment. Here’s how to bleach palm oil: First, read the recipe on ‘how to’ very well. Though most Nigerians are conversant and confident with oil cooking, frying etc, it’s good to read the recipe, become familiar with the […]


Homemade Low Fat Meat Stock

I like to make my meat stock from scratch. I personally find it easy. The really win for me having a deep freeze stash to use when the need arises. Sometimes, I make my stock from flesh, other times bones and sometimes both. A few things I do when making stock with meat/ bones I cook on […]

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How to Make Dambu

Making Dambu has been on my list of things to learn for ages. This weekend past, my Hausa teacher – yes, Hausa teacher (I’m learning to speak Hausa because I think it is delightful. It sounds incredibly beautiful – soft and melodic) taught me. In Hausa, Dambu literally translated is ‘mixture’. And this, is a mixture […]


How to Wrap Food in Corn Husks

In 5 easy steps. You’ll need whole husks to hold the mixture/ and strips to secure both ends of your parcel. I’ve used them here for a steamed corn pudding…but…you can make tamales, and anything else your heart desires.   Step 1 – Lay down a husk or two (if they are thin) Step 2 – Put […]