Homemade Low Fat Meat Stock

I like to make my meat stock from scratch.

I personally find it easy. The really win for me having a deep freeze stash to use when the need arises. Sometimes, I make my stock from flesh, other times bones and sometimes both.

A few things I do when making stock with meat/ bones

  • I cook on low heat, starting off with cold water
  • Flavour with onions, roughly chopped and sometimes green bell pepper, aromatics – ginger, garlic and some spices – curry powder, dried thyme, salt, turmeric, chilies
  • Strain off once cooked and cool. Often, I save the chunky bits in the stock and blend with water to make even more stock

Regardless, I skim off the fat from my stock when I’m done.


How? I let the stock cool, often in the fridge. The fat rises to the top and congeals, thus easy to skim.


Using a spoon, or skimmer, I gently remove the fat. sometimes, I mop up smaller bits with kitchen tissue.


In the end, I’m left with stock, lower in fat and available for use in soups, stews and whereever else I require.
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  1. Great post, you could also put in the fridge for a few hours, the fat hardens and you can take it off with a slotted spoon.

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