Resources for the New, Growing & Confident Cook

A collection of links to help because ‘No better cook did dreaming alone make :)’ Thank me later

Becoming a good cook is a cross between the creative and practical, with health & safety as the overarching theme.

I’ve found a few resources which you might find useful:

Culinary Arts Basics

Everything you need to know, from the ground up – from food safety to how to use a knife!

Link: Culinary Arts Basics


Free Cooking School by The Kitchn

The Kitchn’s Cooking School is FREE. 20 lessons in 20 days. Even if you’re a good cook, there are tips and tricks to become better. Check it out.

Sign up here: The Kitchn’s Cooking School


25 Skills Every Cook Should Know

Don’t take the basics for granted. Learn how to chop and onion, boil an egg, make stock and a host of other skills that will make you a kitchen ninja

25 Skills Every Cook Should Know


Food 52’s ‘Not Recipes’ series and other ‘guides’

This series is a great way to build confidence in the kitchen – understanding the purpose of a dish, one can create everything without strict measures. 

Not recipes from Food52


Epicurious’ No Recipe Required 

Bon Appetit’s Cooking Without Recipes 

The New York Times’ similar beat, and one of their latest newsletters, headlined: “No-Recipe Recipes for Tomato Season” 


The 25 Greatest Kitchen Hacks Every Cook Should Know

 Cooking Light shares their 25 greatest hacks and I love them! Kitchen hacks can increase your efficiency – afterall, it’s easy…when you know how!


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