Agbalumo Cream Puffs

by Kitchen Butterflyon July 24, 2015
Once the cream puffs were cool, I whipped up some cream, stuffed and drizzled chocolate over the top. I had some beautiful syrup from macerating Agbalumo :), the same one that formed the base of our Agbalu’lade. I folded the agbalumo syrup into the whipped cream. By then, the choux buns were cool and ready to be […]

The Art of The Cream Puff

by Kitchen Butterflyon July 24, 2015
Cream Puffs are one of life’s greatest gifts. Everything about the way they are composed to how they are quaffed make them worthy of odes and sonnets. I think. And believe me, I’ve had some of the finest ones so I know what I’m saying. Made of Choux pastry – cooked pastry, they are the […]

Beard Papa’s Cream Puffs – To Live For

by Kitchen Butterflyon July 23, 2015
Of the front seat of New York Taxis and the most delicious Cream Puffs. It’s not the first time we’ve gone on holiday with full intentions of  tracking down a read about, heard about or watched about restaurant or place. Ref. the Churro adventures in Barcelona. Another sort of Choux pastry. And Momofuku. This time […]

Croquembouche for Christmas Brunch

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 26, 2013
He is adamant about not wanting to have any buns, the first time we try them. We don’t get why. Oh well, he can be weird sometimes, our D. We sit at the table, bound by brunch. Feasting.

Cooking & Baking with Tea: The Spice, And Drink

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 23, 2013
I’ve always loved tea, but never considered it more than a drink, hot or cold. Recently, that has changed. And two things have done that for me: a book – ‘The Art of Blending by Lior Lev Sercarz’ which has nothing to do with tea, and everything to do with spices and one man’s passion; […]

Spiced Pumpkin Churros for Thanksgiving

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 21, 2011
I’m thankful for autumn and fall. For churros. For pumpkin puree. For pumpkin churros. For sugar, and chocolate and spice. For taste notes called toffee and caramel. For New England autumns, for deep-fried. Dough. I’m thankful for new beginnings, for children that love freely, for hope, for joy.  For life. And the occasional wave of […]

Churros and Chocolate

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 28, 2010
Globalisation. My seven year old daughter knows all about it and we had to go to Barcelona for her to let us know. This is the same daughter who asked, ‘Papa, why is everything made in China?’ And yes, he responded. Right or wrong. As a parent, I’ve learnt the hard way, not to promise […]