Agbalumo Cream Puffs

Once the cream puffs were cool, I whipped up some cream, stuffed and drizzled chocolate over the top.

I had some beautiful syrup from macerating Agbalumo :), the same one that formed the base of our Agbalu’lade.


I folded the agbalumo syrup into the whipped cream.


By then, the choux buns were cool and ready to be halved like bread buns. 


And filled the puffs which were hollow and crisp shelled, Sliced in half, topped with cream and dollops of agbalumo ‘syrup’


And capped.


Because chocolate is essential for profiteroles, and life, I drizzled some over the top.


And thus was a feast had. 


It was interesting. I’m such an Agbalumo fan so I’d love it in everything. Well, apart from that one time when it failed. Any how, we enjoyed it thoroughly.

Cream puffs for life. 

Are you a cream puff fan? What are your favourite ways to enjoy some?[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Agbalumo Cream Puffs – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]


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