New Yam Bake

New yam, new yam.

By the end of June, I’m clamouring for the ground to give up its harvest of fresh yams – moist, white-fleshed, even if tasteless not as tasty as old yam, because by this time, old yam is both dry and spongy, and frankly hit and miss to select.

When new yam arrives, we shelve boiling and frying for the first few weeks and months. What we enjoy is bakes. Shakshuka has been a firm fave and now, this tray bake.

I like tray bakes – they can, if done right, be the one-pan dinner of the oven.

I begin with boiled yam, sliced thinly and baked in the oven for colour, at anywhere from 200 – 220 degrees C.


Once the underside takes on tinges of golden and brown, I remove it to continue the layering process with salsa to which I’ve added garden eggs to my regular cooked tomato recipe. Carrots join the mix.


I top up with boiled yam, crumbled; and some cheese because you know, once my son had yam, butter and cheese and loved it.


I bake for about twenty minutes on the highest my oven will go to, till the top looks kind of toasty and everything is hot through and through.

To serve, we have smoked mackerel, guacamole, baked garden eggs and cilantro.


It is yum, and a good way to use up new yam.


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