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New Yam Bake

New yam, new yam. By the end of June, I’m clamouring for the ground to give up its harvest of fresh yams – moist, white-fleshed, even if tasteless not as tasty as old yam, because by this time, old yam is both dry and spongy, and frankly hit and miss to select. When new yam […]

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Yam ‘Hashbrowns’

Because they aren’t quite matchsticks. If you’ve ever had and loved Potato matchsticks, this will be up your street. My original plan was to have this topping a beef suya salad with iru a few weeks ago. Courage failed me on adding iru to the salad but the yam was delicious. I started off with slices of […]

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Travel by Plate: Saminaka & Its Yaji-spiced Fried Yam with Crunchy Chicken Skin

Travel by Plate is a series exploring food, culture and travel, from Nigeria to South America and beyond. Please welcome my friend, the wonderful Adetoun of Finding Uhuru who wrote this post. A few weeks ago, I cried out on Twitter, desperately seeking someone, anyone who’d been to Saminaka in my yaji-craze, someone who had experienced the piping hot […]