New Yam Bake

by Kitchen Butterflyon July 18, 2018
New yam, new yam. By the end of June, I’m clamouring for the ground to give up its harvest of fresh yams – moist, white-fleshed, even if tasteless not as tasty as old yam, because by this time, old yam is both dry and spongy, and frankly hit and miss to select. When new yam […]

Nigerian ‘Concept’ Dish: Yam & Fish

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 23, 2016
The Concept The idea of exploring Nigerian cuisine thrills me to no end. I find myself consumed with knowing more about an ingredient – continually stretching my boundaries of its use, testing, trying, mostly succeeding. The ‘concept’ here was to explore yam textures. The Elements On the plate, we have a combination of textures and colours.  […]

Yam ‘Hashbrowns’

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 19, 2015
Because they aren’t quite matchsticks. If you’ve ever had and loved Potato matchsticks, this will be up your street. My original plan was to have this topping a beef suya salad with iru a few weeks ago. Courage failed me on adding iru to the salad but the yam was delicious. I started off with slices of […]

Yam & Egg Tortilla, In the Manner of Spain

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 6, 2015
…in the manner of the Tortilla Espanol or Spanish Omelette – an egg-based dish made with potatoes. To be honest, I almost always do a like for like, swapping yam for potatoes. Sometimes, it works well – like in waffles, and hashes and what nots and sometimes we have to think about it a bit […]

Yam & Dambun Kazaa Hash

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 21, 2014
This has to be one of my greatest discoveries of 2014 – that frying boiled yam, cut up in little chunks is an adventure in textures. A couple of months ago, my children wanted fried yam but what we had was boiled. So I lightly greased a pan, seasoned the yam and fried away. The results? Golden […]

Yam & Dambun Kazaa Waffles

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 21, 2014
I’m a yam fan – fried, pounded, roasted – all and every way. I’m a fan of waffles. Plain, with squash and pumpkin, many ways. And then…why not Yam waffles. 1. one/ a good way to use leftover boiled yam (another is in a hash…awesome) 2. an exploration

Travel by Plate: Saminaka & Its Yaji-spiced Fried Yam with Crunchy Chicken Skin

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 2, 2014
Travel by Plate is a series exploring food, culture and travel, from Nigeria to South America and beyond. Please welcome my friend, the wonderful Adetoun of Finding Uhuru who wrote this post. A few weeks ago, I cried out on Twitter, desperately seeking someone, anyone who’d been to Saminaka in my yaji-craze, someone who had experienced the piping hot […]

Ukodo – Nigerian Yam & Pepper Soup Pottage for New Year’s Day

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 3, 2014
A night-time conversation with D, my 6-year old has brought me here, to this point where I am writing an open letter to the world. To those who think Nigerian cuisine is no more than pepper. And I am not really on the offensive. Or defensive. I’m just in plain agreement as to how we […]

Haiti, Friendship and Tasty Tasot Cabrit

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 2, 2010
We love each other…..very much I dare say. We’ve always been there for each other too, more or less. In all this time, we’ve come to a joint conclusion, one that we reached at a Chinese restaurant many months ago. If ever there was a thing to destroy this friendship, …