#SundayRice: Kilishi Jollof Rice

Kilishi – Nigerian beef Jerky has been on my mind for the last few weeks. I’ve been reading a bit about the Afro-Brazilian culinary connections and came across Arroz de hauca, Hausa rice which is white rice cooked till soft and served with beef jerky and a few other sides, served to the gods and important in Candomble – the Afro-Brazilian oral religion that’s a blend of traditional Yoruba worship, Catholicism and other religions.


My recipe is a super simple recipe that involves kilishi, cut up into small bits, vegetables and cooked (leftover too) Jollof rice.


I begin my slicing onions and tomatoes and sauteeing them with the kilishi. The tomatoes loose their moisture to the kilishi and the air – that’s sufficient to soften the kilishi to chewable consistency.


I season wth yaji and then add the Jollof in. A good stir and low heat and the kilishi becomes a touch moister


In goes the rice – already cooked, best cold;


I stir, heat through covered till warm/ hot all the way.

DSC_0072 DSC_0073

The rice is both nutty and spicy and perfect for Jollof. So the next time you have kilishi and Jollof, combine them and deliver yumminess to your plate.

Happy Sunday.

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