#SundayRice: Kilishi Jollof Rice

by Kitchen Butterflyon August 13, 2017
Kilishi – Nigerian beef Jerky has been on my mind for the last few weeks. I’ve been reading a bit about the Afro-Brazilian culinary connections and came across Arroz de hauca, Hausa rice which is white rice cooked till soft and served with beef jerky and a few other sides, served to the gods and important […]

Coconut – Dambu Kilishi Masa

by Kitchen Butterflyon July 7, 2015
Because we need every take on Masa we can get, find, uncover. And because this time with the addition of Dambu, made from Kilishi to the batter. And because my mother’s an English teacher, I’m confident I shouldn’t start my sentences with because but then, I’m my own person some of the time so there… Take some coconut […]

The Art, Science & Beauty of Kilishi

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 15, 2015
Work of art. Like lace. I mean just look at it. This long strip of meat, coloured brown with flecks of red and full of holes. I want this in a glass frame, hung up on my wall. I want to trace the rings and the lines, find out how and where it lay. Under […]

Kitchen Hack – Dambu from Kilishi

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 9, 2015
When life gives you too much Kilishi; make Dambu. Kilishi is a sun-dried product of, by early Fulani, Hausa tribesmen, created as a means of preserving meat in the absence of refrigeration. All because once upon a day, I craved Dambu Nama but had only Kilishi. And my food processor. And my A game, obviously. […]