AsunDodo – What Comes After GizDodo

When hot and smoky asun (goat meat) meets sweet, soft, ripe fried plantains, sauce and onions in a quick, delicious mix. A bit like the diasporan gizdodo – a delightful combination of cooked gizzards and dodo – fried plantain.

Here’s how to score major points:

One: Buy ready-made asun – because who has time to cut the buy and prep goat et al? Not me  most days. I love the asun from Naija Butcher – a very recent discovery so I use theirs. I prep this a bit further though – I cut the already small pieces into smaller bits and separate the fatty cuts. They’ll go into the pan first and I’ll try to render them down.


Two: Get yourself some nice plantains – just-soft and ripe and fry them to perfection.

I like extra onions which I slice and a tiny bit of fried tomato sauce aka stew.

Ratios are great here – I go for roughly half and half with the asun and plantain and then add a quarter of stew.

Three. To cook:

Dice your plantains by cutting down the length across both halves, in the manner of a cross and across to get small cubes. Lightly salt and then fry on medium heat till golden.


Heat up the fatty cuts of asun in a dry pan and on low heat and let cook for a minute or two, stirring. Then add the onions and stir for a few minutes. 


Finally, combine the asun, dodo and sauce and heat through on low to medium for a couple of minutes, stirring to ensure everything is well mixed.


When your guests arrive – in my case, pile into a bowl and serve with Jollof et al – hostess with the mostess in no time. Yeah, thank me later for all the kitchen secrets :). Peace and love xxx

_DSC1771 _DSC1782

The end!


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  1. Naija Butcher’s Asun is a rip off,too little for so much. One might as well go out and buy their own goat.

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