Nigerian ‘Concept’ Dish: Plantain ‘Fondants’ Moqueca (Palm oil & Coconut Seafood Broth)

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 31, 2018
The Concept This concept is about my love for Brazil and the beautiful combination of palm oil and coconut milk which at first glance sounds weird but then, when cooked is so delightful in a moqueca. Moqueca (IPA: [moˈkɛkɐ] or IPA: [muˈkɛkɐ] depending on the dialect, also spelled muqueca) is a Brazilian recipe based on salt water fish stew, tomatoes, onions, garlic and coriander. It is slowly cooked in a terra […]

AsunDodo – What Comes After GizDodo

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 31, 2017
When hot and smoky asun (goat meat) meets sweet, soft, ripe fried plantains, sauce and onions in a quick, delicious mix. A bit like the diasporan gizdodo – a delightful combination of cooked gizzards and dodo – fried plantain. Here’s how to score major points: One: Buy ready-made asun – because who has time to cut the […]

Nigerian ‘Concept’ Dish: ‘Plantain’ & Groundnuts

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 20, 2016
The Concept This concept is as much about visual as it is about taste. In this dish I wanted to highlight: how street food – plantain (bole) & groundnuts can be translated to fine dining how to bring balance to a dish through food pairings how textures and flavours can be repeated in a dish in […]

Nigerian ‘Concept’ Dish: Beans & Dodo

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 11, 2016
The Concept I said my next concept dish would be plantains, so here we are. When I was growing up, we ate beans on Wednesday and Fridays, afternoons only. We ate beans with fish – fresh, fried, smoked…mostly fried. Dodo, fried yam and garri were accompaniments sometimes. Though I loved the beans my mum cooked, […]

Ram-stuffed Plantains

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 26, 2016
This year I begged for got some ram as a gift after the Sallah break. Thank you SS.  So, what did I do with it? Well, I braised it – in a flavourful mix till it was tender. Then I took it out of the braising liquid, let it cool down before shredding. The shredded bits […]

From The Groundnut Cookbook – Plantain Roti

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 2, 2016
Some recipes are keepers from the minute you read them. These rotis? Another way to re-purpose plantains, especially ripe, sweet ones is everything. Thank you for an awesome book, guys. Not to mention easy to craft. I like the fact that what I’ve always known as Nigerian ingredients can undergo a transformation that retains the […]

Fried Plantains (Dodo) with Sage & Yaji

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 29, 2015
Every time he came for more Dodo – fried plantains, which was more than once…three times I think even, the son said ‘Can I have some sage, please?’ The Sage is one herb I have only ever paired with turkey and with brown butter pasta. I love the way it crisps up in fat and yet retains its […]

Baked Plantains with Cheese & Groundnuts

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 17, 2015
In which I use groundnuts and peanuts interchangeably. Because I can. Anyways, Bake plantains with cheese? Hard to imagine? Well, I can tell you that this was one of the most delightful things I’ve had in a bit and a half. See when it comes to Latin Americans and plantains, I have to give them […]

Jibaritos – Plantain Sandwich with Suya

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 15, 2015
Jet lag is a —–. Fill in the blanks. Thank you. You think you’re woman enough and it shows you just how much you are and aren’t. Nights rendered sleepless ones and days exhausted kept me out of the kitchen but I’m glad I overcame. A couple of weeks ago, I read this amazing post […]