What Shall We Call It – D’Asun, DundunAsun, AsunDundun, Asundu[n]?

by Kitchen Butterflyon June 12, 2017
You can see it right? That it doesn’t matter what you call it, its delicious any which way. Three things…wait five: I’m from Edo state and yam is in our blood. In fact, I daresay my bones are made from the creamiest, most delicious tubers of yam. I love fried yam. And goatmeat. I remember […]

AsunDodo – What Comes After GizDodo

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 31, 2017
When hot and smoky asun (goat meat) meets sweet, soft, ripe fried plantains, sauce and onions in a quick, delicious mix. A bit like the diasporan gizdodo – a delightful combination of cooked gizzards and dodo – fried plantain. Here’s how to score major points: One: Buy ready-made asun – because who has time to cut the […]