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Spiced Carrot Cake

by on January 27, 2017

Carrot cake…because carrots are in season and they are ‘healthyish’, aren’t they? Well, I think so. I discovered a gorgeous recipe on food52 which I continue to make with a few tweaks – namely upping the spices.

I made this for a party, frosted it with lemony cream cheese and decorated it with glazed carrot ribbons and mints that were part carrot, part candle. Sooooooooo so delicious, and a great way to use seasonal produce.

Nigeria’s 1st Seasonal Produce Calendar

Begin with some cake.




Slather lemony cream cheese over the top, palette knife and all. I like to frost just the top and let it scallop wildly down the sides.


And then, I lay – very carefully, candles and ribbons of glazed carrots.


And top with the mint ‘wick’…


The result fills my heart with pleasure – I feel accomplished. 


At the ‘party’, it sported a single candle.


Before I cut into wedges and served.


It was delicious. The cake is soft, spiced, warm…the cream is citrusy and fresh, sweet and cool. I love, love, love it. And I’ve began to build on its success – like in my Agbalumo Carrot cake.

I hope you enjoy the recipe. Do you have a favourite carrot cake? Please share xxx

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