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Baked: Agbalumo Upside Down Carrot Cake

by on March 16, 2016

This is my second take on an agbalumo carrot cake. Because of the zobo pineapple upside down cake, this came to mind. I used macerated agbalumo – flesh tossed in sugar and left to sit overnight till the sugar has drawn out a lot of the liquid and somewhat ‘dehydrated’ the fruit.

I loved the look of the end result, flipped out (many thanks to the round of parchment paper which I set at the bottom)  – a thick, caramelized base of agbalumo, with soft, moist carrot cake underneath. Originally, I’d hoped to make a flower pattern but by God, that was such a long process, I ditched it.

The resulting fruit, baked was interesting. A bit chewy but definitely sour, tart, recognisable agbalumo. I think I’ll chop up the fruit next time.

To begin, you’ll need 3 things. 2 I can help you with (guess which?) and 1 which you’ll have to brave all on your own!

  1. macerated agbalumo
  2. a trusted carrot cake recipe, like this one on food52.com. I halved the recipe
  3. Nigerians to wow (look within, convince them..try you best)

Lay greased parchment/ waxed paper at the in the baking tin. Toss your macerated agbalumo in a touch of sugar, and spread over the base.

Agbalumo upside down carrot cake

Because I had some, I added a handle of crushed pecan brittle. You can totally skip this.

Your carrot cake mix should be to hand, your oven gently heating at 180 degrees centigrade – a rack set in the centre. Scoop the mix over the nuts and fruit and smooth with a spatula.

Agbalumo upside down carrot cake

Bake, for 1/2 an hour or till a toothpick inserted into the centre (thickest part) of the cake comes out clean.

Agbalumo upside down carrot cake

Turn upside. down. Then peel off the wax/ parchment paper.

Agbalumo upside down carrot cake

Let cool then serve. I put out some mango cream, white-chocolate mint ganache and zobo flowers.

Agbalumo upside down carrot cake

Though it didn’t slice very neatly, imma have to let you know it was dope. All round. Some tweaks but who knew that this was possible? I.

I did.

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I’ll definitely make this again.

What do you think?

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