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I’ve been exploring making jellies with Nigerian fruits, flowers and nuts.


My first attempt – a tiger nut pudding was beautiful, if soft set. It triggered a desire to make a panna cotta of tiger nuts, helped along by gelatine.

Then came the agbalumo jelly which while great had a funny texture thanks to agar-agar.

Last week, I braved it and made a zobo jelly which set so beautifully and a panna cotta which did the ‘wiggle’ – announcing the very best texture of soft, silky and jellied.


Interestingly, my tigernut panna cotta ended up two layered – with a thick creamy/ starchy, slightly gritty bottom layer and a clear’ish’ top.


This dessert was perfect. The combination of textures and flavours and colours and all Nigerian too.

  • Tigernut panna cotta – nuts blended, strained and then ‘jellied’
  • Tigernut crumb – leftover fibre toasted with a bit of sugar and spice (it tastes a bit empty though so may not be repeating it but it worked here)
  • Zobo jelly – made with gelatine, sugar and zobo drink
  • Zobo pepper sauce
  • Microwave cake
  • Preserved pitanga cherries – cherries cooked in a sugar syrup. I’m also going to turn the syrup into jelly.
  • Vanilla ice cream – store-bought and a quenelle attempted


Gravity, physics, and an ice cream quennelle that wouldn’t stay on the panna cotta and still, it was perfect in so many way – crunch, soft, cake, nutty, sweet, spice, creamy, delicioussssssssssss. 

_DSC3141I can’t wait to make this again for an event. Cannot wait.

Some tips for using powdered gelatin:

Generally, 1 tablespoon of gelatin will set two cups of liquid but….this may change if the liquid is highly acidic – then you’ll need more.

This is a week long series on Nigerian desserts. Yesterday, I shared a fresh fruit salad that looked and tasted lovely and celebrated the gorgeous colours of the Nigerian Kitchen. Tomorrow, I’ll share bakes![wpurp-searchable-recipe]Zobo Jelly With Tigernut Panna Cotta| The New Nigerian Kitchen – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]


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