Ubecamole Mackerel Sandwich

I’m no stranger to smoked fish or to creating new things with old. Some people need to learn to deal with this :).

I go on and on about The New Nigerian Kitchen because it’s really a mindset switch – we must test the boundaries of our ingredients and produce before we can say, hand on heart ‘We know what’s best’. 

Ube, African purple pear makes a great dip that’s similar to a tangy guacamole. I’ve enjoyed it as a dip, on its own and with corn & groundnuts – its seasonal fellows. Here, I use it as a spread and pair it with smoked mackerel.


I like the fact that we can explore our cuisine and deepen our knowledge for what was and what could be. Why deny yourself the pleasure of the exploration and the discovery without reason?


If you’d like to try the Ube’camole, and home-smoking your fish (because Kitchen Butterfly is also about sharing technique as well as good food…), I gatchu

Ubecamole, two ways

Home-smoked fish


This sarnie, on waffled bread is reminiscent of a sardine sandwich if truth be told. I grew up on those but much prefer the texture in this. A bit of crunch from the toast; cream from the spread with a bit of fresh from the chopped tomatoes and cilantro; some spice from the green Tabasco sauce and smoky texture from the fish. All together yum. And in season. 


What do you think defines a cuisine? Would you give this a go? Make a dip with Ube?


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