Ubecamole Mackerel Sandwich

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 5, 2016
I’m no stranger to smoked fish or to creating new things with old. Some people need to learn to deal with this :). I go on and on about The New Nigerian Kitchen because it’s really a mindset switch – we must test the boundaries of our ingredients and produce before we can say, hand […]

The Anatomy of a Purple Pear, Ube

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 18, 2015
Ube. African Butter Pear What is it? Wikipedia described it as ‘an ellipsoidal drupe which varies in length from 4 to 12 cm.’ Known by many names from Ube (Igbo) to Safou (French), elemi (Yoruba), eben (Efik) and orumu (Benin), it appears its botanical name, Dacryodes edulis comes from the Greek word ‘dakruon‘ (a tear) and ‘edulis’ meaning edible. I […]

Nigeria Corn Pancakes with Ube

by Kitchen Butterflyon August 15, 2015
This is what you make when you have left over corn mix from making Sapala – you shallow-fry small pancakes because you’re too lazy to deep-fry. It is better for your health so you proceed. You serve it with steamed ube filled with Chili Beer sauce. Yes, I made boats of the ube by splitting them in half, […]