Quick & Easy: Weeknight Dinner of Sausage & Carrot Cannelloni

Cooked! Baked #kitchenbutterfly #pasta #bakedpasta #stuffedpasta #pastashells #dinner #baked

This recipe was inspired by @recipetins’s Baked Spinach & Ricotta Rotolo. 

That morning, I saw it on Instagram on my way to work – I couldn’t stop thinking, dreaming, wishing. As soon as I got home that Friday night, I brought out my pack of Cannelloni and some Sugo which I almost always have in the deep freezer.

{Sugo recipe

Nice and easy Bechamel}

I made a quick Bechamel and rustled up a sausage-carrot saute and then sat down to assemble.

First things first, the inspiration.


@recipetins’s Baked Spinach & Ricotta Rotolo as seen on Instagram.

Don't you just love this? My inspiration for tonight's Cannelloni dinner with carrots and sausage 😍😍😍 #Repost @recipe_tin with @repostapp ・・・ 😋Dinner tonight: Spinach & Ricotta Rotolo....it's like cannelloni, but BETTE

My Hack/ Method

Cook the Cannelloni if using, till just ready.

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Saute 1 large chopped onion, 4 carrots peeled and diced, sausage chunks chopped up and a teaspoon of dried thyme or mixed herbs

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When that’s done cooking, set up.

Dinner in the making. Carrots in everything. Onions. Sausages with herbs. Sugo- the only Italian tomato sauce you need in your life - check on the blog for the recipe. A cheesy roux with nutmeg and chili flakes. Cannelloni shells. Cheeses. Soon. #kitch

I made two dishes. In both, I put some sugo at the bottom.

2016-01-22 07.43.30 1

I cut the cooked cannelloni in thirds and set upright in the dishes.

2016-01-22 07.53.17 1

I combined the bechamel (1/2 a cup) with the sauteed meat and vegetables (1 cup) – feel free to combine as you like. 

Then with a small spoon- this is the most tedious bit, I filled the shells with the creamy bechamel-meat & veg mixture till almost full.

2016-01-22 07.59.24 1

I filled the rim with some more sugo, up to halfway of the shells and finished off with some grated parmesan.

2016-01-22 08.01.37 1

The oven was turned on, and set to 180 degrees C. Set in the centre, I let the dishes back till they cheese had crusted a bit, the cannelloni were a touch golden and the tomatoes taken on a slightly brown colour – as seen on the rims.

Cooked! Baked #kitchenbutterfly #pasta #bakedpasta #stuffedpasta #pastashells #dinner #baked

To serve, I chopped up some herbs – mint, because that’s what I had…and tucked in.

Don't worry, I'm off to bed soon 🙈 #kitchenbutterfly #pasta #bakedpasta #stuffedpasta #pastashells #dinner #baked #cannelloni

Sigh, heavenly. Really yummy – the combination of baked pasta, rich tomato sauce, meat, sweet carrots, onions made for an amazing dinner.

This perspective is for you @kitchenvictore. You do get into the soul of your food 😀. The speed at which this is getting devoured ehn, hmmm. #kitchenbutterfly #pasta #bakedpasta #stuffedpasta #pastashells #dinner #baked #cannelloni

Definitely on my ‘repeat dinner to make’ list.

Don’t you think?

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