Smoky Asun Jollof Rice

Because everyday is World Jollof Rice Day.

And so I present you one of two recipes – Asun Jollof- I concocted during the run-up to August 22nd – the other? A smoky prawn version.

Step 1

Get goat meat and season it with salt, ground onions and chilies.


Step 2

Coal-smoke for the most intense, smoky flavour.

{How to cold smoke}


Step 3


  • Cook meat in water, with seasoning – don’t worry, the smoky flavour will not go away. Promise.
  • Chili paste – corasely grind onions and chilies without water
  • Chop up some green bell pepper
  • ‘Stew’ – blend a mix of tomatoes, onions, chilies and cook down in some oil
  • Parboil the rice, just till cooked

{Jollof Rice Essentials}

{Jollof Recipes}


Step 4

Cook. Pan fry cooked goat meat in blended pepper paste. _DSC0877_DSC0879

Add bell peppers and saute with meat.


Add tomato sauce, rice and cook. Check for seasoning, adjust and cover with foil – rice should be ‘steaming’ on low heat.


When cooked, turn up heat to ‘burn’ a bit for superb, smoky flavour.


And if you’re sensible, more sensible than I, take a photo of the finished dish.

The verdict?

Nice and smoky – well balanced flavours, perfectly cooked rice and all together delicious. But, one lost the intense pepperiness that should have accompanied each piece of asun meat – which is understandable as everything was mixed together. Next time, I’ll make some extra peppered goat to serve on the side.

Still fantastic. With dodo 🙂 or any of the other sides. To drink? We got you covered.

The end.

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