Five Approved (Somewhat Essential) Sides for Jollof Rice

Thanks Nigerian Twitterverse for the contributions. Here is what we have – 5 approved sides for Jollof Rice: Meat, Dodo, Coleslaw, Moinmoin and Eggs. 

Per plate? Two or more of these seem like the right amount. For example – dodo and meat; meat and moinmoin; dodo and eggs. Get the drift? Minimum allowable accompaniments if ground level na two. Worst case sha, one go do.

And what/where to eat from :).

1. Meat

Deep fried. Or roasted. Barbecued. Beef. Chicken. Turkey. In cute small bits. Peppered. 



2. Dodo

Best diced. Every other form is bleh. And yes, it matters. Some say brown, others say soft, ripe, sweet. DSC_0317

3. Nigerian salad aka coleslaw

With salad cream. Not mayonnaise people, salad cream.




4. MoinMoin

Lawd – the life. Soft, creamy bean pudding. The height of perfection especially if wrapped to cook in leaves. Recipe here


5. Eggs

A beautiful combination, especially soft-boiled or poached. We loveeeeeeeee.

DSC_1032[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Five Approved (Somewhat Essential) Sides for Jollof Rice – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]


  1. Ah Ozoz! this is one of my fav KB posts… Need a basket to be collecting fav KB posts! Lovely and TRUE. Hope you enjoyed your jollof day 🙂

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