Banga Jollof


This is one of the few times I make Jollof rice without first cooking the rice. The first thing I do is call my mother who instructs me accordingly. Rice. Banga cream and no spices. If at all, a mere pinch. I begin by washing the rice in water till clear.


In a large pot, combine your Banga cream with an equal amount of water then bring to boil. Season with salt, pepper, dried crayfish and lemongrass if you like.


After a few minutes, add your chicken, beef, meat to the pot. I like mine to cook together, as though it was the base of a soup.


Then add your rice and stir.



I like to add some dried red crayfish which lends a sweet and savoury note.




I check for seasoning, reduce the heat and then cover with moimoin leaves before I put the lid on 🙂


You want the rice to steam and soften and infuse with the savoury goodness of the palm nut.


In no time, your rice should be ready. 


Feel free to serve it with some scent leaves, chiffonaded or just like that. Eat off a banana leaf, with your fingers, sitting on the floor, whatever you like. Channel your inner Niger-Delta child.

Its the week leading up to #WorldJollofRiceDay. Peace.

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