Eight (8) Non-Alcoholic Nigerian Drinks

…because we have more than Chapman, awesome as it is.

We have Zobo, and Tsamiya, Kunnu and more. Isn’t it interesting that most of the drinks I’ve discovered are from the north of Nigeria. That kind of thrills me – most of them are recent discoveries and I’m now thinking of all sorts of combinations.

Anyhoo, here is a collection of non-alcoholic drinks that will tease your palate.


Typically made with alcoholic bitters, skip them, use non-alcoholic bitters or add a bit of grapefruit juice.


Sugar cane juice, many ways

A beautiful drink that’s as sweet as it is refreshing.

Use a juicer for ease and speed and combine with other elements to shake it up.


sugarcane juice on ice, ready for drinking

Pineapple Drink

Made with the normally discarded bits of pineapple – the skin and core, this has a distinct, clear pineapple flavour. Spice with cloves, ginger and other aromatics.



Kunnu Aya

A milky drink made from Tiger nuts. You could also use rice as the base. Combine with spices, other syrups – zobo, tamarind etc



Passion fruit Smoothie

I love passion fruit and this embodies beautiful tropical flavours and fragrance. 


Passion fruit, Pawpaw and Lime

Tsamiya Soda

Refreshing slightly sour drink with tamarind. Flavour with ginger too.




What a delight. I love it freshened with cucumber and citrus slices and lots of ice.


Zobo Punch


One of number of Agbalumo-based drinks.



What are you favourite non-alcoholic drinks?[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Eight (8) Non-Alcoholic Nigerian Drinks – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]


  1. Really nice to learn about all these drinks..i grew up in west of nigeria and there is drink usually sold around these with lot of ice cube then..it is called PITO..would be very glad if you can find out more about the drink and share how it is prepared.

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