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Juicing, with Sugarcane

Genius, I thought as soon as my eyes fell upon the juicer. Still in its box after 6 months, the time was now. If you know me, you’ll know I’m crazy about sugarcane, even when it involves physical labour. So the idea of juicing it was sooooooooo welcome. Well, it took me a few minutes to get […]

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Fruit & Tea: Green Tea with Sugarcane Juice, Watermelon & Mint

Embrace the ittars, the exotic scents of the Levant In tendrils of steam from the hammams of Turkey Rosewater. Orange Blossom. Jasmine Fragrances captured and essences preserved by ancient methods that go back to the Renaissance Experience the abundance of fragrances Get carried away with the heady notes and exotic dances of the Levant Captured […]