Sugarcane: Juiced versus Blended

And juiced wins hands down.

I’m still here, Take 3 of 3 of the trial and error.

L: Juiced; R: Blended

Though my last experience with juicing sugarcane presented mixed results, I went ahead and tried again.

I did two things differently. First – when the cloud of juice of sugarcane in my glass had settled, froth and flotsam rose to the top.


This, unlike Take 2 was scooped off and discarded rather than mixed in.


Secondly, I took Folake’s advice and strained it – more carefully might I add, through several layers of cheesecloth. 


The result was a yellow-green glass of sheer delight – free from grit & grit.

Then I thought to test the blender method. To be honest, this does a good job in breaking down the sugarcane fibres but….you need to add water to the mix, and a sufficient amount too. Which in the end waters down the drink. Not to mention that the blending creates a fine mass that ends up as ‘sediment’ at the bottom of the glass.


Overall, of the three methods I’ve tried – Pasta roller, juicer and blender, what works best?

Juicer without a doubt.

It saves time – both in preparing the fruit and in the extraction of the juice.

You’ll need to pass the juice through muslin or cheesecloth. 

But that’s a small price to pay for a delicious cup of juice, isn’t it?[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Sugarcane: Juiced versus Blended – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]

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