Passion Fruit-Cucumber-Sugarcane-Lime Cocktail

Passion Fruit – beauty and fragrance invoked here. And long overdue this is.

I must confess it has all my favourite juices in a glass:  the floral acidity of passion fruit the clean refreshment of cucumber juice the sweet of sugar cane and the citrus burst from lime juice. Did I mention the lightness of head from the colourless, tasteless vodka? Since forever, since Mango season, I’ve wanted to make a passion fruit cocktail and I’m glad I finally did. _DSC0763 This drink is one you’ll need to make up to your taste. _DSC0760 Some help? 

{On Passion Fruit}

{Juicing sugar cane}

{Juicing cucumber}  

I juiced some of the passion fruit and added a touch of sugar for a bit more sweet. On ice? Heaven.  _DSC0763

I had this on a Sunday evening and then I went to bed. Taste buds deeply soothed.

What’s your favourite passion fruit cocktail?

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