Month: November 2015

Nigerian Cuisine, Travel & Exploration

Preparing for My Nigerian-American Thanksgiving

I’ve always loved Thanksgiving – the purpose, the feast, the celebration. Many gathered around tables, scattered around states and cities, homes, safe places, corners. Thanksgiving came to us by way of my children going to the American school in The Netherlands. Since then, we’ve celebrated it. This year, I’d like to serve up a Nigerian-inspired Thanksgiving menu. […]

Nigerian Cuisine, Techniques

How to Make Dambu

Making Dambu has been on my list of things to learn for ages. This weekend past, my Hausa teacher – yes, Hausa teacher (I’m learning to speak Hausa because I think it is delightful. It sounds incredibly beautiful – soft and melodic) taught me. In Hausa, Dambu literally translated is ‘mixture’. And this, is a mixture […]


Miliki – Orange Lights & Mojitos

D, the son would love Miliki. Unfortunately, it’ll be many, many years before he’s granted entry into this members-only club. The formal objective of MILIKI is the provision of facilities and amenities of a private lounge, run on commercial principles, for the purpose of social intercourse of persons connected with or interested in the Arts, […]