Ten (10) Reasons to be Thankful for Thanksgiving

1. Adam Noah Levine. First man that ever liveth. Sigh. Deliciousness.

Source: MTV

2. Hamburgers


3. Cheesecake


4. Texas

Coming to America, my story


5. Southern Fried Chicken. Chicken & Waffles. Waffles and errthang

6. S’Mores


S’More Semifreddo, courtsey of Sarah Shatz, food52

7. Floats

Root beer and more

8. Ribs

Oh lawd. Crying in juicy, smoky, porky ribs.

9. Apple Pie

My attempts


10. Still thinkinggggggggggggggggg….

What would be your #10?[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Ten (10) Reasons to be Thankful for Thanksgiving – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]


  1. My No. 10 is Dark Chocolate in any form – mousse, hot chocolate, cake, pie, raw… any form at all.
    No. 11 is KitchenButterfly. I am thankful for pacesetters like you 🙂

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