Grown in Nigeria – Passion Fruit

I. Love. Passion fruit. The fact that we’re growing it in Nigeria. And the fact that I could make food gradients out of them :).

They come from Jos, via a company called Veg Express. They deliver to some major cities – Lagos is one of them.

At under a N1000 a kilo, it beats every deal I’ve every gotten on them here.

We love’em at home. For drinks, in desserts, yum yum yum


Ripening cues

Skin colour


This is one way of telling. The unripe ones tend to be green.


As they ripen, they yellow…


…or in some cases turn purple


Skin texture

The riper and older they are, the more wrinkled the skin becomes.


  Don’t have a lot more to add….but yes, wanted to share the beauty of these food gradients that presented themselves :).

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